The 10 resolutions you MUST NEVER break.

* How to predict the stock market ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE

The big battle between fundamental and technical analysis. Who wins? Which is better?

* How to pinpoint when bond investors are buying stocks and when stock investors are buying bonds

Xray the market’s mind to find out how much risk the market wants to take

* Revealed: the key factors that drive the bond market and how you can profit from them

* The nearly infallible indicator of what the stock market is about to do

* The 3D way to figure out which sectors will lead the market

* Revealed: the key factors that drive the gold market and how you can profit form them

* Finally! The Dow Theory revealed and how to profit from it.

The secret indicator, COGO, which tells you with near certainty where the bond market is going to go.

Revealed: The secret single most powerful indicator of the price of gold.

* A vast improvement on the Dogs of the Dow called the Pitbulls of the Dow

How to know most turning points of the market, months in advance!

* The simple system that makes just two trades per year but outperforms Warren Buffet

Why Indian women hold the key to the gold market.

* How to plan your trades and trade your plans

* Revealed: the amazing Adrenaline Indicator that you can profit from in 2 ways

Bollinger Bands: worth it or worthless?

* The powerful Purple Predictor shows what the smart money is doing and they are not often wrong

* How far down should the market retrace when it retraces?

How to pick tops and bottoms

* Super long term Japanese trading system guides you to big profits. 

This course is filled with insanely profitable!

  •  - Techniques
  •  - Methods
  •  -Fully mechanical trading systems

You get everything revealed to you. Nothing is held back. Your head will explode from all the information you will get.

The course is laid out in short easy to follow online videos.

Free Bonuses!

  • Free Software: We will give you software that will streamline your trading and make it much easier to trade. Simply plug and play. No learning curve. Super simple
  • Handouts: You will receive free handouts of information you can print and put beside your trading platform that will give you concrete info to enhance profitability and to make your trading easier.
  • One Hour Trading Changing Session with Courtney: Get an one hour life changing coaching call to empower you on your trading session with Courtney.  He will ask what you have done, help you decide where to go next with your trading and  

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Who Is Courtney Smith?

Who Is Courtney Smith?

  • #1 Mutual Fund Manager
  • #1 Hedge Fund Manager
  • #1 Stock Newsletter
  • #1 Futures Newsletter
  • #1 Bond and gold market timer
  • On TV over 1000 times
  • CEO of two brokerage firms
  • Treasurer of Swiss Bank
  • Head of derivatives trading for major French bank
  • Director of Research for two brokerage firms
  • Author of 10 books on trading
  • Most sought after investment trainer in the world
  • Has trained over 100,000 people in investing
  • Clients include Marty Schwartz, Michael Marcus, GM, McDonalds, Goldman Sachs

Courtney Smith

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